We want you to be happy and satisfied with your new cabinet purchase, and at Two Rivers we offer different options in terms of finishing.  We offer stain, paint, glazing and distressing. Keep in mind there are variations that come with the end product.

Stained Finishes

Stained finishes may enhance the grain visibility of the cabinetry, depending on the wood species selected. Open-grained woods, such as Oak or Hickory will show more color variations than a close-grained wood like Cherry or Maple.

Paint or Opaque

When painting or apply an opaque finish on a smooth-grained cabinet you can expect an even coloring throughout.  If the paint is being applied over a grained wood, expect to see the wood grain characteristics come through the paint, which may alter its overall appearance

See our standard paint colors


Glazed finishes will range from a consistent - even appearance to a varied coverage. The glaze adds depth, dimensions, and a subtle sheen to the appearance of the cabinetry. As glaze may collect in the corners and grooves of each door, the expectation should range from a subtle look to dramatic, depending on the complexity of the door design and detail.


Distressed cabinets creates an aged look by distressing the wood by implementing the following techniques: denting, chipping, gouging, cracks- splits, and worm-holes. Variations in appearances and placement are to be expected.

Rub-thru finish technique creates a "time-worn" appearance by sanding the edges and random areas of the cabinetry to imitate normal wear. Variations of the wear are to be expected.